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[MW3/WZ2.0] All-in-One Chair key for Lifetime
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Aim Smoothing Helpers
Enable Smoothing:
This toggles the overall smoothing functionality. When enabled, it activates the aim smoothing features, making cursor or aim movements more gradual and less jittery. This is useful for making aim movements appear more natural or for helping users track targets more smoothly in video games.

Random Factor:
Introduces a degree of randomness to the aiming process. This could be used to simulate the slight imperfections of human aiming or to prevent aim assistance from appearing too mechanical and predictable. It adds variability to how the aim adjusts, making it harder to detect (in competitive settings) or more lifelike.

Number Of Points:
Specifies the number of points used in calculating the aim path. In systems that use bezier curves or similar methods for smoothing, this could dictate the complexity of the path the aim takes. More points might allow for more intricate aim movements but could also require more processing power.

Control Point One and Control Point Two:
These are likely specific points used in bezier curves or similar mathematical models to define the shape of the aim path. By adjusting these, you can alter how the aim moves from its current position to the target, affecting the curvature and the acceleration or deceleration of the movement.

Interpolation Increment:
This option could control the granularity of the aim movement along its path. A smaller increment means the aim adjusts in smaller, more frequent steps, potentially leading to smoother movement. Larger increments could result in faster, more noticeable adjustments.

Endpoint Noise Level:
Adds variability or 'noise' to the final aiming point. This could be used to prevent the aim from being too precise, simulating human error, or making it less obvious in a competitive setting that aim assistance is being used. It introduces an element of unpredictability in where exactly the aim lands, within a controlled range.

Together, these options provide a comprehensive set of tools for fine-tuning how aim assistance or cursor movement behaves, allowing for a balance between smooth, natural-looking movements and the precision or artificial randomness desired by the user or required by the application.

[+] Anti-Cheat Blocker
[+] Spoofer
[+] Screenshot Cleaner
[+] Controller Support

[-] Aimb0t
[+] Enable Aimb0t
[+] Aimb0t Type (Lock-On, Silent Aim, Trigger Bot, Psilent)
[+] Target Bone (22 Bones)
[+] Priority (Closest To Crosshair, Closest To Bone, Closest Distance, Lowest Health, Enemy FOV)
[+] Automations (None, Stand, Crouch, Prone, Long Slide, Quick Slide, Peak)
[+] Bone Scan
[+] Auto Fire
[+] Auto ADS
[+] Ignore Downed
[+] Ignore Riot-Shield
[+] Target Self-Revive
[+] Enable Keybind
[+] Aim key
[+] Aim Key Delay
[+] Prediction Strength

[-] Weapon Manipulation
    [+] Recoil Multiplier
    [+] Fast Reload
    [+] Rapid Fire

[-] Smoothing
    [+] Enable Smoothing
    [+] Random Factor
    [+] Number Of Points
    [+] Control Point One
    [+] Control Point Two
    [+] Interpolation Increment
    [+] Endpoint Noise Level
    [+] Bezier Curve visualizer

[-] General
[+] Enable ESP
[+] Show Team
[+] Show Enemies
[+] Show Actors
[+] Show Agents
[+] Box Type (None, Outline, Corner, Filled)
[+] Name
[+] Health
[+] Weapon
[+] Distance
[+] Skeleton
[+] Kills
[+] Team ID
[+] ESP Visualizer

Loot {
    [-] Settings
        [+] Enable Zombie Loot ESP
        [+] Selectable Filter
        [+] Changeable Color Per Type
        [+] Render Distance 
        [+] Show Background

        [+] Enable Warzone Loot ESP
        [+] Selectable Filter
        [+] Changeable Color Per Type
        [+] Render Distance 
        [+] Show Background


Screen {
    [-] Chams
        [+] Enable Chams
        [+] Show Visible Outlines
        [+] Show Non-Visible Outlines
        [+] Chams Filled
        [+] Chams Solid
        [+] Outline Width

        [+] Show Vehicles
        [+] Show Actors
        [+] Show Teammates
        [+] Show Enemies
        [+] Show Items
        [+] Show Equipment
        [+] Show Turrets

    [-] Miscellaneous
        [+] Directional Compass
        [+] Snaplines Friendly
        [+] Snaplines Enemies
        [+] Snaplines Visible
        [+] Healthbar
        [+] Threat Warnings
        [+] Esp Distance

    [-] Crosshair Editor
        [+] Dot
        [+] Gap
        [+] Length
        [+] Thickness
        [+] Outline
        [+] Crosshair Visualizer

    [-] Fov
        [+] Fov Circle
        [+] Show Fov Circle
        [+] FOV Circle Radius
        [+] FOV Scale

Miscellaneous {
    Page 1 
        [-] Exploits
            [+] Airstuck
            [+] Airstuck Keybind
            [+] Night Vision 
            [+] Night Vision Keybind

        [-] Removals
            [+] Third Person
            [+] Force Third Person ADS
            [+] Force Third Person Inspect
            [+] Disable Shellshock
            [+] Uncap FOV
            [+] FOV Multiplier
            [+] No Fog
            [+] Disable Weapon Motion
            [+] No Flinch

        [-] Game UI
            [+] RGB UI
            [+] Custom Color
            [+] Text
            [+] Images
            [+] Rainbow

        [-] Radar
            [+] Enable Radar
            [+] Radar Size
            [+] Radar Scale
            [+] Blip Radius
            [+] Background
            [+] Clamp To radar

        [-] Force Save
            [+] Blueprint Name
            [+] Camo Selection
            [+] Blueprint Slot Index
            [+] Send All Blueprints
            [+] Delete All Blueprints


    Page 2 {
        [-] Automations
            [+] Enable Silent Shot
            [+] Silent Shot Toggle (Snipers)
            [+] Silent Shot Keybind

            [+] Enable Auto Inspect
            [+] Silent Auto Inspect
            [+] Silent Auto Inspect Keybind

        [-] Extras
            [+] Enable Footsteps
            [+] Unlock All

        [-] Bullet Tracers
            [+] Enable Tracers
            [+] Peak Duration
            [+] Fade In Duration
            [+] Fade Out Duration
            [+] Hit Scale Factor 
            [+] Line Color
            [+] Hit Color
            [+] Hit Outline Color

Config System {
    [-] Save Config
        [+] Config Name
        [+] Create 
        [+] Save 
        [+] Load Default

    [-] Saved Configs
        [+] Load Config
        [+] Delete Config

    [-] Menu Colors
        [+] Primary Accent
        [+] Secondary Accent
        [+] Background Accent
        [+] Random

    [-] ESP Colors
        [+] Text
        [+] Crosshair
        [+] Fov Circle
        [+] Friendly Box
        [+] Enemy Box
        [+] Enemy Visible
        [+] Actors
        [+] Actors Visible
        [+] Vehicles
        [+] Items
        [+] Missiles 
        [+] Turret 
        [+] Random